These barriers are another spectacular piece of partial rainbow art that have appeared by Coventry Market by Geometric artist Polly Merredew. This time in the form of a vinyl wrapped barrier, protecting the pedestrian area from unneeded traffic.

This area down the side of Sports direct, leading through to the market has been brightened up by these vibrant barriers allowing foot traffic through but preventing unwanted cars from invading the pedestrianised area of the city centre.

Using her usual vibrant style, these rainbow squares really bring life an otherwise lifeless area of the city centre. Complimented with the grey squares and the yellow pop of the base. These are not far from the Rainbow Ballards that Polly is currently hand painting by the market.

These rainbow squares really bring life an otherwise lifeless area of the city centre

E Tyler

She has 5 total to complete, and has just started her third. With the weather improving as we approach summer, she is making great progress, and we will talk to her when they are complete about her inspiration behind the project.

Polly Merredew / Facebook

For more details on this project, check out this article;

Photo Credit: Emily Tyler (unless otherwise stated).


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