Paul Catherall: A Requiem to Coventry’s Postwar Architecture

On Saturday, October 14th, acclaimed illustrator and printmaker, Paul Catherall, unveiled his captivating series, “Sent to Coventry.” The series hosted at the LTB showrooms, is a profound homage to Coventry’s iconic landmarks. It carries a unique tale, as Catherall spent a significant portion of his childhood in this vibrant city. Created in anticipation of Coventry’s prestigious City of Culture, these Linoprint masterpieces never graced the city’s art scene until now.

Catherall took the stage, addressing a captivated local audience. Then begins to share his journey that led him to become the artist we know today. His artistic roots trace back to Leicester Polytechnic, where he honed his craft in illustration. Initially crafting figurative acrylic paintings, Catherall’s passion for modernism and brutalist architecture led him to explore the world of printmaking. His works reflect a blend of inspirations, encompassing different legacies. These include Tom Purvis, Frank Newbould, Tom Eckersley and the impactful Vorticist Woodcuts of Edward Wadsworth. Also the contemporary allure of American illustrator Michael Schwab’s screenprints.

“The transition from traditional illustration to printmaking was driven by a fascination with vintage railway posters’ bold and evocative aesthetic. (Catherall) was always been drawn to the timeless appeal of modernist design.”

Unfortunately, this exhibition only lasted for one day, even though it drew a substantial crowd, primarily comprising the artistic community. Furthermore, this event gained added significance due to the uncertain future of many of the city’s postwar architectural gems. One of these gems includes the building that hosted the exhibition the LTB Showroom. Coventry’s residents passionately advocate for architecture preservation and Paul Catherall’s work poignantly reminds them of its historical and cultural importance.

The legacy of Coventry’s modernist architecture and Catherall’s brilliant artwork should be accessible to a wider audience. These cultural treasures, embodied in Catherall’s prints, deserve a broader stage. We hope for more initiatives to bring a unique blend of art and history to people who call Coventry home. As well as those who seek to discover its hidden gems.

Sent to Coventry Final Thoughts

Paul Catherall’s “Sent to Coventry” series left an indelible mark in just one day. It has provided a glimpse into the city’s heritage through the eyes of this talented artist. The Linoprint journey through Coventry’s iconic landmarks will always be a heartfelt ode. Not only to a city with so much to offer, Sent to Coventry, but never forgotten.

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All Photographs by Emily Tyler | © 2023 Coventry Life.


  • Emily Tyler

    Having studied at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance for my BA (Hons) in Stage Management, I worked within the theatres in London until I moved to Coventry in 2010 and found that I needed other creative outlets. Using Photography I explored my new city and discovered a love of architecture, which led me to start playing with editing software on my iPad, and the use of the Apple Pencil meant that I started creating digital artwork. I joined a local blogging group, to meet new people and rediscover my love of writing which had been lost over the years. I enjoyed reviewing local restaurants, bars, as well as one-off events like coffee festivals and music.

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