Exploring the Enigmatic World of Burlesque: Lupercalia Unveiled

Lupercalia, a night shrouded in mystery and allure, sets the stage for an unforgettable experience for an enigmatic Coventry Burlesque show. I discovered one soggy February evening at the LTB showrooms, amidst the vibrant ambience of Coventry’s city centre. The scene was set for an evening of siren songs, tantalizing performances, and a hint of the forbidden.

Stepping into the LTB showrooms, the air was electric with anticipation. Despite the soggy weather, the stage was alive with pulsating music, the perfect backdrop for the night’s festivities. However, the lack of a specified showtime left me waiting for almost an hour before the performances commenced, a minor inconvenience overshadowed by the forthcoming spectacle.

As the evening unfolded under the whimsical guidance of Serena Siren, the essence of burlesque was brought to life. Amidst laughter and applause, the rules of engagement were laid bare, emphasizing respect and appreciation for the artistry on display. The theme of Lupercalia, an ancient pagan festival, added an extra layer of intrigue to the proceedings, tying together history and modern-day entertainment in a captivating blend.

“I loved the use of props within the different acts. The silks were beautiful and were used as scarves and fans to create stunning flashes of colour. I also loved that the singers didn’t just sing, but Dark Teaser had another performer dance while she belted out her final number.”

Throughout the night, a diverse array of performances captivated the audience, each act offering its unique charm and allure. From the graceful silk dancers to the enigmatic murderess and her victim, the stage was alive with creativity and passion. Despite minor venue-related issues, the quality and variety of the acts ensured an unforgettable experience for all in attendance.

In retrospect, the night of Lupercalia transcended mere entertainment; it was a celebration of artistry, history, and the boundless creativity of the human spirit. As the curtains closed on this mesmerizing evening, I couldn’t help but reflect on the timeless appeal of burlesque and its ability to transport audiences to a world where fantasy and reality intertwine in the most enchanting of ways.

Enigmatic Coventry Burlesque Show – Review Score

Undoubtedly, the evening proved to be a delightful experience, offering excellent value for money at just £10 per person alongside affordable drinks. Laughter, dance, and engaging conversations filled the atmosphere, leaving me eager for a return visit. However, it’s regrettable that the performers hailed from Leicester or Nottingham, indicating the unlikelihood of a prompt encore. Additionally, the impending demolition of the venue by the end of March adds a sombre note, potentially hindering future shows. Despite these logistical challenges, the diverse cast, including performers of varied sizes, statures, and abilities, delivered outstanding performances, reflecting the inclusive spirit of burlesque. Moreover, the inclusion of a male performer underscores the evolving dynamics of the art form, contributing to a truly memorable evening.

4.0 rating

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Explore more about the creators and performers behind this captivating event:

Organized by:
Dark Teaser

Hosted by:
Serena Siren

Located at:
LTB Showrooms 


Miss Pyxxie Rose

Jene Jenie

Angel Heart Burlesque

Photographs by Emily Tyler | © 2023 Coventry Life.


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