Our band Wear “N’ Tear, was born from the boredom we faced during the COVID – 19 lockdowns. This had given us the desire to do what we always wanted to do, produce music!

Let us give you a run through of some of our new tracks.

I Just Wanna Be You
This is our very first song, it’s all about doing what you wanna do and making sure you love doing it. It’s one of those classic rock pop songs to get your head banging.

Back In The Daisies
Definitely one of our weirder pieces but never the less one we love, this one tells a story of a character and his very unique home.

Another Side
This song was made to show our appreciation to the key-workers who supported us during the lockdown and a way for us to raise money for the NHS.

Date With Destiny
This is our most recent track and it’s simply about being cool no matter what.

Photographs: © Wear ‘N’ Tear
All Music © Wear ‘N’ Tear


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