A collection of photographs featuring mainly Coventry and architectural images in particular. However these are not intended to be restrictions and other locations (usually cities) are featured, both in the UK and overseas (mainland Europe so far).

It is my intention to include places further afield in the future, as finances and the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions allow. In particular India, Japan, Australia and New Zealand are in my sights.

Photographs: ©2021 Mark Stefan Wiszowaty

Instagram: instagram.com/marcmesmots


  • Mark Stefan Wiszowaty

    Over 60 with an interest in photography, which is much greater now than it was when I started about 30 years ago. However, my other main artistic pursuit is acting, both onstage and in film latterly. This I have combined with the photography because I enjoy recording behind-the-scenes activity… some of my photos have been used as promotional material. In all these pursuits I am aware that one never stops learning… there's always someone who can teach you a thing or two. Don't ever believe you've reached a pinnacle!

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