Inspired by the blue dye that brought wealth to Coventry in the 16th century, Coventry and blue are so linked that even the football team are nicknamed “the sky blues”. Blue is one of my favourite colours, and it drew me into the feeling of the city.

The Weavers house, in Spon End, talks about the history of the dye;

“We can make a good guess that the colour would make reference to the shades of blue produced by woad dyeing.  Woad is a plant which can be used to make dye –  in medieval times it would have been imported as native woad did not produce a good enough dye. The dye chemical in the woad plant is the same as in the indigo plant which gives denim its distinctive colour, so woad dye would give a colour akin to denim blue, which of course has its own variance.”

Though there is a lot of concrete around, the city is far from the big cities of the rest of the UK, and has a strong identity of its own. It’s history around industry is fascinating, and inspirational.

Drawn in by the architecture, and public art around Coventry. I was using photographs taken in pursuit of mindfulness. The palette and simplistic forms create soothing images of Coventry despite chaos of urban-ness. I loved looking at its history and culture of our great City. Finding beauty everywhere and celebrating its diversity was my focus.




  • Emily Tyler

    Having studied at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance for my BA (Hons) in Stage Management, I worked within the theatres in London until I moved to Coventry in 2010 and found that I needed other creative outlets. Using Photography I explored my new city and discovered a love of architecture, which led me to start playing with editing software on my iPad, and the use of the Apple Pencil meant that I started creating digital artwork. I joined a local blogging group, to meet new people and rediscover my love of writing which had been lost over the years. I enjoyed reviewing local restaurants, bars, as well as one-off events like coffee festivals and music.

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