Unveiling the 2024 Elephant of Coventry Calendar

Elephants of Coventry highlight the invasion of Elephants and they are everywhere. Local historian and photographer Scott Duffin, in collaboration with author Adam Wood, has embarked on an extraordinary project. Covering the invasion of the Elephants that surround Coventry and shedding light on this unexpected phenomenon.

The 2024 Calendar Launch

On the 1st of September, the Metropolis Bar and Restaurant came alive as the 2024 Elephant Calendar was unveiled. This stunning calendar, featuring twelve of Coventry’s local elephants, promises to be a visual delight for residents and visitors alike. The best part? It’s priced at just £7.99, making it an accessible piece of Coventry’s history.

Elephants of Coventry, 2024 calendar.
Scott & Adam with Coventry City Hosts | Credit: Emily Tyler

Diving Deeper: “Elephants of Coventry” Book Release

Coming soon is a comprehensive book titled “Elephants of Coventry,” that peels back the layers of Coventry’s elephant iconography. Starting with the imposing Coventry Crest, crowned by a castle atop an elephant. To the intricate carvings, topiary, sculptures, stained glass, and architectural wonders. Inspired by these magnificent creatures, this book promises to be a treasure trove of information.

Elephants of Coventry Calendar launch.
Adam & Scott (L), Adam’s historic collection (R) | Credit: Emily Tyler

Scott Duffin: Guardian of Coventry’s Elephant Heritage

Scott Duffin, a dedicated historian and photography enthusiast, has been amassing a collection of elephant photographs over several years. At the calendar launch, Scott shared his fascinating collection of printing blocks and archive items. The attendees were able to immerse themselves in Coventry’s rich elephant heritage. Scott is also the creator of the Facebook group, “This is Coventry”. Its aim is to enlighten locals about the significance and beauty of Coventry City.

Metal-Pressing stamps.
Various metal-pressing stamps | Credit: Emily Tyler

Adam Wood: Weaving History, Mystery, and Murder

Author Adam Wood is known for his passion for murder, mystery, and history. He has made waves with his debut work, “The Watchmaker’s Revenge”, set in Chapelfields, the heart of Coventry’s watchmaking industry. This is a gripping narrative that explores the real-life crimes of Oliver Style during his murderous rampage in 1880.

Explore Adam Wood’s World – Delve Deeper into Coventry’s Dark Past. For more insights into Adam Wood’s intriguing work, guided tours on this captivating subject and his journey into the depths of Coventry’s history.

The Watchmaker's Revenge
The Watchmaker’s Revenge is the new book by Scott Wood.

To secure your copy of “The Watchmaker’s Revenge,” please visit the Mango Books website.

Seize Your Piece of the Elephants of Coventry Legacy

The Elephants of Coventry Calendar is Now Available. Don’t miss the opportunity to own the Elephants of Coventry Calendar. The Calendar is a visual masterpiece celebrating the city’s unique and enduring connection with these magnificent creatures. Grab your copy today and embark on a journey through Coventry’s rich history and artistic expression!


  • Emily Tyler

    Having studied at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance for my BA (Hons) in Stage Management, I worked within the theatres in London until I moved to Coventry in 2010 and found that I needed other creative outlets. Using Photography I explored my new city and discovered a love of architecture, which led me to start playing with editing software on my iPad, and the use of the Apple Pencil meant that I started creating digital artwork. I joined a local blogging group, to meet new people and rediscover my love of writing which had been lost over the years. I enjoyed reviewing local restaurants, bars, as well as one-off events like coffee festivals and music.

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