Living in Coventry all my life, I’ve been writing poems and songs for many years and I started producing and recording music for the past 4 years and especially during the past year and with lockdown I have been working hard and have been sitting on so much work I’m looking forward to start sharing what I’ve been working on and releasing more work and projects during the upcoming summer.

I created DeadMoneyRecords and perform as Enlightened1, my first release ‘I Can’t Breath’ I wrote when the riots began over the George Floyd incident. The theme for the song hit me and police brutality was something that I care about. My dear friend Darren Cumberbatch was a victim of police brutality and seeing first hand how these events are devastating to the family and friends.

I sat and wrote the lyrics backwards in less than a hour, later that night I laid down the instrumental tracks and began recording.  As I continued to work on mixing and mastering the track the best I could, I started to create a video from a live recording, set in an old two berth caravan I was living in it at the time and the caravan became my temple and recording studio.

I learn more about myself as I explore deeper into my imagination.


Music and writing has always been a way for me to escape and express myself. I learn more about myself as I explore deeper into my imagination. As I also struggle with mental illness and depression, music has been there as an outlet which has help me keep fighting and overcome it.

I Can’t Breath – Single by Enlightened1. Available on DeadMoneyRecords.

The rest of music will be from different genres and I will be releasing at least 3 more singles over this year. My album will ready 2022 entitled ‘Enlightened By Darkness’.

Photographs/Artwork: DeadMoney8A


  • DeadMoney8A

    Singer / Songwriter / Producer.  Born 1981, lived in coventry all his life, His been writing poems and songs for many years now, but only got into recording and production for about 4 years.

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