From Bull Yard to Jordons Well: The Yard’s Move to a Contemporary Coventry Gem

The Yard’s Cultural Leap in the heart of Coventry, where culture meets inclusivity. A vibrant transformation is underway at The Yard, a beloved LGBTQ+ venue. It is relocating to a new iconic space next to the Herbert Art Gallery on Jordons Well. The impending demolition of its current Bull Yard residence in March 2024 sets the stage for a fresh chapter in The Yard’s story. Fans can’t wait for the curtains to rise on this exciting move.

The Yard’s impending shift marks a significant cultural moment for Coventry. With its new home designed by the acclaimed artist and designer Adrian Bayne.

In the spirit of evolution, The Yard’s new venue is the former home to Browns, Drapers and Metropolis Restaurant. Boasting a rich history, initially built in 1997 and later acquired by The Alan Higgs Trust in 2013, and subsequently by the Historic Coventry Trust. It now stands ready to embrace The Yard’s vision fully. This move opens doors to a full menu and opportunities for The Yard, allowing it to expand its offerings beyond the limitations of its old Bull Yard home.

“The Yard’s leap to Jordons Well is more than a move; it’s a cultural shift where entertainment and inclusivity intertwine, promising unforgettable experiences in our new Coventry home.”

As The Yard bids farewell to its Bull Yard roots, its legacy as a hub for Pride and inclusivity remains steadfast. The venue, known for its Cabaret and bottomless brunches, has been a vital part of the city’s cultural fabric. The outside stage in the Bull Yard witnessed unforgettable Pride celebrations, showcasing its commitment to creating memorable experiences for all.

Reflecting on the venue’s unique history, one can’t help but ponder its journey from the incomplete foundations of the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, to becoming a thriving LGBTQ+ haven. The Yard’s new home, serving as the catering outlet to Drapers Hall, a cutting-edge music and arts venue behind it, is poised to continue this bohemian tradition.

The Yard’s Cultural Leap – Final Thoughts:

Coventry’s cultural landscape undergoes a dynamic shift as The Yard finds its new home. This iconic move not only preserves its inclusive spirit but also adds a fresh chapter to the city’s vibrant story.

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