Embrace the East in Coventry: Lunar New Year Celebration Unleashed!

Are you curious about the mystique of Eastern and Western dragons, the origins of the Lunar New Year, or the diverse interpretations of the 12 Animal Signs across different countries? Imagine immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of traditional Hong Kong New Year customs, now accessible to those who’ve migrated to the UK. From the 2nd to the 15th of February, Coventry HongKongers present a Lunar New Year Celebration mini-exhibition at Central Hall Community Corner, promising an immersive cultural experience.

Mark your calendars for Sunday, 11th February 2024, as Coventry’s Lunar New Year Celebration unfolds, bringing the second day of the Lunar New Year to life. The buzz surrounding this event has been nothing short of electrifying since its announcement, with overwhelming interest and excitement. Today marks the kickoff of registration, and we’re thrilled to unveil the key highlights.

This year’s celebration isn’t just about festive decor and traditional customs; it’s a vibrant fusion of cultural experiences. From Break Dance Workshops hosted by the dynamic Wood Wong to the Prosperous Business Corner supporting local entrepreneurs, the event promises an array of enriching activities. Limited spaces are available for each workshop, so secure your spot early.

“As Wood Wong, the breakdance instructor, puts it, ‘Action is worse than excitement!’ Dive into the thrill of Break Dance; seats are limited, so don’t miss out!”

Beyond dance, the event boasts a myriad of experiences, from dragon head crafting to Chinese calligraphy and painting workshops. Engage in children’s storytelling and creative kindness workshops, and explore Chinese musical instruments. Dive into Lunar New Year traditions with a nourishing broth from Traditional Chinese Medicine and embark on a journey through our culture and traditions.

Free admission to this enriching celebration is sponsored by Coventry Central Hall. No tickets are required; just register at the entrance. For more details and a comprehensive list of activities, visit their Facebook Events page.

Lunar New Year Celebration, What’s On

Break Dance Workshop

First Workshop: 1:00 pm | Second Workshop: 2:30 pm

Limited spaces are available for each workshop, and the exciting news is that it’s entirely free! If you’re keen on participating, we recommend securing your place early. Access the workshop registration form now! 

Hosted by Wood Wong, an instructor with rich competition experience. In addition to participating in various breakdance competitions in Hong Kong, he came to the UK this year to fulfil his dream. Wood participates in Break Dance competitions in different places in Europe and dances to live a confident life. He wants to complement this event to increase the fun and gain of Break Dance. If you want to experience Break Dance, please sign up and reserve your spot as soon as possible. Seats are limited! Action is worse than excitement! Please fill out this Workshop Registration Form.

Prosperous Business Corner

12:00 pm til 3:00 pm

Committed to supporting new Hong Kong merchants and entrepreneurs in promoting their businesses in and around Coventry, the Prosperous Business Corner is a dedicated platform. Legitimate business owners, sole traders, professionals, and entrepreneurs can freely showcase their businesses. This platform allows the display of promotional materials, leaflets, samples, and business cards—a space to unveil and highlight services! If this piques your interest, please fill out this form.

Even More to Enjoy & Explore during the Lunar New Year Celebration

Handicraft Experience: Dragon Head Crafting Workshop

Chinese Calligraphy Workshop

Chinese Painting Workshop

Lunar New Year Children’s Storytelling Corner

Creative Kindness Workshop

Explore Chinese Musical Instruments Workshop

Board Games Fun with Our Volunteer Team

Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Nourishing Broth

Children’s Literacy Fun

Lunar New Year Traditions Exhibition

Activities & Performances

In addition to exploring our culture and traditions, everyone is invited to design and create their own Lunar New Year patterns at the Self-service Creative Corner. Moreover, you have the opportunity to have your artwork featured as part of the exhibition.

A Fusion of Traditions

In conclusion, Coventry’s Lunar New Year Celebration is more than an event; it’s a fusion of traditions, a celebration of diversity, and an opportunity to bridge cultures. Join us in embracing the East right in the heart of Coventry.

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