Unwrap Joy and Creativity at Lazy Sunday Club’s Christmas Artist and Makers Markets!

Step into the enchanting world of creativity and community at the Lazy Sunday Club Christmas Artist and Makers Markets. Known for its laid-back charm, they’ll be hosting special markets throughout December. All the while, creating a festive haven for art lovers, shoppers, and small businesses alike.

Amidst a surge in popularity, Lazy Sunday Club extended its lease, unveiling weekend markets at LTB Showrooms starting December 2nd. Formerly the Litten Tree pub, this four-story hub now exudes vibrant creativity meticulously managed by dedicated volunteers. Stalls, both indoors and outdoors, showcase a delightful array of handmade wonders, ranging from vegan honey to quirky paintings and whimsical crocheted pigs in blankets!

Week One

Saturday, December 2nd

Sunday, December 3rd

Week Two

Saturday, December 9th

Sunday, December 10th

Week Three

Saturday, December 16th

Sunday, December 17th

Stall prices support entrepreneurs at just £5.00. Join the Lazy Sunday Club Facebook Group for a sneak peek at unique creations and market updates. These Christmas markets go beyond shopping, providing an immersive experience of rich heritage and artistry in the LTB Showrooms.

“One-of-a-kind treasures and the festive spirit blend seamlessly at Lazy Sunday Club’s Christmas markets. It’s more than shopping; it’s a celebration of community and creativity.”

Explore the LTB Showrooms from 12 pm to 5 pm during Lazy Sunday Club markets, revelling in artistic ambience. Christmas markets include local musicians at 3 pm, enhancing the festive atmosphere.

Be part of the Christmas Markets

For those eager to be part of this creative spectacle, booking a stall is simple. Reach out to Julia Gandy at beaflamingoart@gmail.com for more information or to secure your spot. Whether you’re an artist, a shopper, or a music enthusiast, the market promises a unique blend of joy and discovery.

Final Thoughts…

This holiday season, escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary at Lazy Sunday Club’s Christmas Artist and Makers Markets. With affordable stalls, diverse offerings, and a vibrant community spirit, these markets redefine the festive shopping experience. Join us in celebrating the season of giving, creativity, and connection!

Photo credit: Emily Tyler ©2023 Coventry Life


  • Stuart Lauder

    When it comes to being creative, I will put my hand to everything and learn as much as I can. I love expressing myself in many different ways, whether it’s on paper, through a lens, or in a digital format. From storytelling to film-making, to creating music or designing a game or app I’m a multi-expressionist and I just enjoy working with different people and creating something to be proud of. I may off been in the industry for over 20 years now, but even now, there is always something new to learn, new technology to play with, explore and express myself in a new and challenging way.

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