Set just off Broadgate, the centre of the city, Hertford Arcade has long been neglected. It was the oppitimy if urban decay. With empty shops, peeling paint, and pigeon poo, it was in desperate need of a spruce up. Coventry Council have done so much better with the help of Creative Giants. Getting the internationally acclaimed artist, Morag Myerscough on board is a major deal.

Although the project is still being executed, there is no denying that it is a major change for the area.

Make happy those who are near and those who are far will come

Morag Myerscrough

The walls and ceiling have being painted, and the sky lights have been covered in brightly coloured gel, breaking up the light to reflect across the pink base coat. There is still a bank of plants to be added to the ledge above the shops.

Artist impression of finished project

The Arcade has just become host to the Coventry 2021 information and shop. Housing the ticket office, an interview area, serving coffee and selling local artists work for sale. The white and and blue branding of the unit is a dramatic contrast to the bright colours of Morag’s design. Stocking artists such as Etch&Pin and CovKid, most of the current offerings seem to stock within the colour themes of the official branding of city of culture 2021. The branding was created by Jade Branding Agency who have worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands. jade Branding have been on board this project since the Bid campaign back in back in 2016.

Taken from Instagram

Photo Credits: Emily Tyler (unless stated otherwise).


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