As an avid reader, it is no wonder I became a writer. My parents would say, as an avid talker, it was simply another way for people to pay attention to me.

Projection on the ruins of Coventry Cathedral

I began writing when I was studying performing arts at Kendal college in my teens, where I wrote an adaption of a Stephen Berkoff play for my group to perform (which I also directed and did the set design for.) This also sealed my love of backstage which lead me to do a degree in Stage Management at Rose Bruford College of theatre and performance. Although I was busy writing essays and my dissatation over the next 3 years, I also wrote and directed a film as part of my final years projects. The film was based on mental health, isolation and hopelessness.

I started blogging after moving to Coventry 10 years ago, I have had various incarnations of my blog. Starting with “Bacon Jam” blog, cataloging my journey to becoming a chef, and the food I created at home, as well as the occasional review of restaurants we visited.

Next came “Wrappers Paradise”, my parenting adventures as a baby wearer, attachment parent and sling consultant. Finally on to my most recent blog which began three years ago which I called “CoventryLife”.

“CoventryLife” began as a look at my life in Coventry with my daughter. I joined a locally blogging group and started reiviewing food and drinks venues, as well as theatre productions, music events and art exhibits.

Food from Wagamamas, Cathedal lanes, Coventry

Coventrylife began three years ago as my life changed and I wanted to find ways to emphasise the positives, and create better life quality for myself and my daughter in the process.

Over the past year, with the pandemic, I have found myself writing in my blog less as I haven’t been able this get out to review things. I have concentrated on my art and future ideas. But with the Launch of Coventry as the UK city of culture in May 2021, I am looking forward to writing news, reviews and scripts for this site as a commentary to the real city of Coventry, not simply the view that the official programme will show people. I also have another exciting writing project in mind, and I hope I get chance to complete in the next few months, but for now I will have to keep you in suspense!

Coombe Weekender, 2019


  • Emily Tyler

    Having studied at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance for my BA (Hons) in Stage Management, I worked within the theatres in London until I moved to Coventry in 2010 and found that I needed other creative outlets. Using Photography I explored my new city and discovered a love of architecture, which led me to start playing with editing software on my iPad, and the use of the Apple Pencil meant that I started creating digital artwork. I joined a local blogging group, to meet new people and rediscover my love of writing which had been lost over the years. I enjoyed reviewing local restaurants, bars, as well as one-off events like coffee festivals and music.

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