Upon your arrival at Coventry’s new look Train Station, as you head towards the city centre walking across Greyfriars Green during the day, the path will lead the way. Upon your arrival, once the sun has gone down and the moonlight guides your way, you’ll be met with a colourfully lit path to guide you and a sudden urge to race Rainbow Road on Mario Kart.

Coventry City Council have created a new light trail cutting through Greyfriars Green and Warwick Row leading toward the Bull Yard and into the City Centre. The trail also works both ways, leading back up towards the Train Station. The project was created to insert a warm and inviting setting at night.

Rainbow road from above
Image: Coventry City Council, Greyfriars Green.

The lighting scheme, will also be used for various themed events, including City of Culture, Pride and Christmas. The route the light trail takes is also part of the art trail. Because of the use of colours and the similarities with other installations around Coventry City Centre it fits right in during City of Culture.

“Seeing Rainbow Road, all laid out out in front of me, all I wanted to do is play Mario Kart IRL”

Stuart Lauder

When I first saw the pictures, I had the sudden urge to reach for my Switch and start playing. Getting outside, seeing Rainbow Road, all laid out out in front of me, all I wanted to do is play Mario Kart IRL. It was amazing how easily it brought out my inner child.

Walking through Warwick Row one night, I realised that the colour scheme was different from the colours as I’d seen in previous photos, but noticed the colours, represented the official start of City of Culture.

Photos Credit: Stuart W. Lauder (unless otherwise stated).


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