This is a current painting i did for Neville Staple and he liked his portrait so much he asked me to do a portrait of his wife . Both are airbrushed . I don’t really do projects as such i just paint and if someone wants to buy it thats great or occasionally i will get requests to do commissions, like this one.

Neville Eugenton Staple (born 11 April 1955) is a Jamaica-born English singer for the 2-toneska band The Specials as well as his own band, The Neville Staple Band. He also sang with Ranking Roger in Special Beat.[2] (source; Wikipedia)

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I wanted to do a project which showed the peoples’ view of the City of Culture 2021 by collecting other peoples’ photos of events. I created a map of Coventry to root this project to its geological routes. I used colour and texture to transport this image from a tool into a feeling and mood enhancer which reflects the cultural tapestry which I feel represents our city.