About Stuart Lauder

Creative Director

Myself, Summed Up In One Paragraph, Or Two, Possibly Three:
I’m a life-long designer, creative designer that is. I’ve worked in every media possible, from Video, Graphics, Web, Digital Art, Motion Graphics, Animation, Visual Effects, 3D, Composer, Writer, Screenwriter, Photographer and have I missed anything, oh yes, App Developer!

I’ve worked mainly as a freelancer, but have spent some of my years employed taking advantage of learning new skills to add to my arsenal. I’ve worked in Design, Printing and Marketing. To be honest, nothing beats being your own boss and looking into the mirror to tell yourself off because you’re late for work, even if it’s a 10am start.

But here we are in 2021 and at the arse-end of the COVID-19 crap storm, being newly redundant after nearly a year on furlough and facing a daily battle with my mental health and finding a reason to get up in the morning. Well it’s amazing the like minded people you meet on life’s journey and now I find myself one fourth of a new team and a new project to work on, using pretty much every skill i have.

Top 5 Likes and Dislikes (in order from awesome to terrible):

  1. Cappuccino 
  2. Music & Movies
  3. Live Music
  4. Cold Coffee
  5. Eating Out
  1. Winter (It’s dark, wet and miserable)
  2. No Wi-Fi
  3. Remake, Reboots and re-imagination of TV & Movies
  4. God awful covers that people actually like
  5. People who embed images in a word document

Where Would You Find Me (when not working hard)?
Sat in Esquires with a cappuccino, with my iPad, writing one of many possible things.

What Is My Biggest Wish In Life?
After a review of my CV, I’m worth £33,488. I just want to be paid what I am worth and not undercharge amateurs, just to secure a freelance job. If I didn’t, I’d never work!

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