About Emily Tyler

Artistic Director

Myself, Summed Up In One Paragraph, Or Two, Possibly Three:
Having begun my journey as a painter in my teens, I moved into the backstage of the theatre In my professional career. Working on many props, set painting, random bit parts and pyrotechnic displays, there was rarely a dull moment. I even taught blank firing gun safety for a while. With a move to Coventry ten years ago, I have found my photography and writing have become my creative outlay. Writing blogs, becoming part of photography groups, and documenting my life as a chef in training, and then a mother. 

As a mother I found a love of the alternative parenting methods, and set up a sling Library locally, teaching, running social media, photographing, and eventually working for a company in Northern Ireland organising a team to go to baby shows to promote slings.

With my health declining in recent years, and traditional work not being a possibility, I have moved back towards art as a theory, and rediscover my love of colour and form. Trying to seize every opportunity to enjoy experiences in life I again found myself writing blogs and taking photos!

Top 5 Likes and Dislikes (in order from awesome to terrible):

  1. Being social (classic extrovert)
  2. Studio Ghibli and Harry Potter 
  3. Cats, especially mine!
  4. Colour, especially rainbows!
  5. Eating and drinking out, (yes I am bored of takeaways and drinking at home)
  1. People being mean for stupid reasons
  2. People not understanding mental health
  3. Being let down
  4. Tuna (yes it smells bad)
  5. Having no energy

Where Would You Find Me (when not working hard)?
Curled up on the sofa, gin in hand, listening to audiobooks

What Is My Biggest Wish In Life?
To have better health, be able to use my creative talents to share the love, and get paid for it!

Three Choice Pictures!