The summer is upon us, it is time for events. The weekend was, for many, the annual Godiva Festival. For many creatives in Coventry, “Lazy Sunday Club”  was launched,  an all new Artists and Makers Market in the LTB Showrooms in central Coventry, in the Bullyard. 

Every Sunday until November, when the venue is due to be closed for demolition to make room for a new shopping centre. Creatives of the city are provided an atmospheric space to showcase and sell their arts and crafts. The market is located on the ground floor of the former Litten Tree pub. The space houses about 20 stalls with a multitude of offerings from jewellery to dog treats with weekly changing stalls.

The recently reopened and expanded art venue, the LTB is a volunteer run Arts venue which is a gallery, music venue and now a retail space. Set inside the old Rover Factory and Showrooms, this building has been many things in its life including “Internshop” and most recently a pub.

Restored by Alan Denyer for the City of Culture (but with no funding or affiliation with the official organisation,) This venue offers free space for artists of all types to showcase their work. Open to the public and run by volunteers, this building is a maze of wonders and joy. It is a place to meet new people, have bizarre chats or just take in the local culture.

in a crowd of pigeons...

‘Be a Flamingo Art” is run by the event organiser, Julia Gandy. Julia has been a regular stall holder and facepainter at many local fairs over the years. Julia recently volunteered at the LTB, and persuaded the leaseholder to do a low cost fair for local creatives. Her philosophy is that anyone can have a stall, there is no vetting process, and stalls are given at a peppercorn rate to ensure it is affordable for all, unlike other venues in the city.

“Be a flamingo” offers upcycled accessories to really bring an outfit to life. With a very big nod to the quirky, the large button necklaces and bedazzled sunglasses add flare, while the handpainted bags add humour and colour to the bland world of fashion. A great way to really stand out in a crowd.

“Be a Flamingo” also offered faceprinting of a whole new level with add-ons such as unicorn horns and jewel clusters all handmade by Julia.

Literary treats

Three very different authors attended the event to promote their books.

Rita Johns published her first book a year ago, in her seventies. After a lifetime working for a major supermarket she has found that writing “Sex, Drugs, Bread Rolls and Armed Robberies” has been a cathartic experience. A true story about her narcissistic husband, and a retail giant and the journey through the courts to regain independence and safety for both herself and her teenage children. This book is also available as a narrated book on Audible for those who struggle to read a paper book.

“Scaredy the Scarecrow” is a collection of 20 stories for 7-10 year olds to help those who struggle to read and find their passion for books. Michael Stuart was a long distance truck driver who conceived the stories after a comical encounter with a scarecrow on a delivery, and was encouraged to publish by his school teacher, daughter whose class couldn’t get enough of his stories. The book is cleverly printed on green pages to help dyslexics, as this is the most common colour used to help with reading.

“As a dyslexic myself, it was awesome to chat to Michael, who is trying to find out more about learning difficulties and how his stories can be used for the greater good. I find I can’t read on a white page, and use digital books with dark backgrounds and pale writing, or dictation software. I adore stories, and always have an audiobook on in my headphones and listen to about 20 books a month. So to hear that there are authors and publishers out there making books purely to help children to find the love of stories in an appropriate formate is something that truly warms my heart.”

Peter Reposo is a British born Portuguese writer who has only recently started publish his works and has already published 9 books.  His first novel “dUST” was published in 2021, and is a classic dystopian sci-fi novel which was shortly followed by “Illusion of Movement” which was written while going though his divorce and depression.

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Cute as a button

Jewellery maker and all round Kawaii creator Sophie Louise Becket brought her business Nature Fae Designs.

Rugby based Sophie said that this is only her second fair in Coventry and her first visit to the LTB. She loved her experience and has already got plans for future stalls at the “Lazy Sunday Club”. Creating alternative accessories with LGBTQ+ themes, Santoro characters and sweary pieces, these are not for everyone.

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the power of the pour

Coventry Artist Paul Desson-Baxter creates fluid art. His art of vibrant rainbow creations with the help of a hair dryer! He presents a mountain of colourful canvases as well as wearable art which has been created from off cuts of canvas. Offering art work with quirky titles like “Grumpy Elephant of the sea” and “Nebulous Ballet”, gives you an insight into the mind of the artist, but if you want more on his process you can view his creation videos, showing the power of the pour.

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Bubbles and petals

Fibre Artist and nature lover, Vikki came along with her business “Just Like Ivy” sharing a stall with Lorraine and her jewellery under the name of  “Eve’s Ruin”.

“Just Like Ivy” showcases recycled yarn creations which have been made into dandelions and daisy pieces. This shows a  playfulness and a nod back to a simpler life as a child. Bringing joy and nostalgia to the proceedings. Vikki also has artwork on display upstairs of the LTB in the first floor sculpture gallery.

“Eve’s Ruin” is a rainbow of resin jewellery. Capturing colours, bubbles and beads within the resin, Lorraine has created beautiful moments in time that can be worn. 

 The duo plan to be at the market every third Sunday for the duration, so if you missed them this time, make sure you get down and see them at a future event.

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sew awesome

Melanie  Moon AKA The Turnip Anarchist is a creative who up-cycles clothes and creates pin badges, clothing and bags with her artwork created with spray paint, and always has seeds!

Usually found in her allotment or visiting one of London’s eclectic markets, she has recently regained time to be able to use her sewing machine. Creating upscaled items adored with trimmings and patches, she hopes to have a larger range at her next stall. She has also found that up cycling duvets work really well and had an awesome Marvel skit which was buttery soft and vibrant.

Melanie plans to have future stalls at the market and is thrilled that their is a place like the LTB that is different from the other Markets around Coventry and hopes that it is as popular as it deserves to be. 

no need to stall.
Visit them now!

There were many other wonderful small businesses at the event;

Truly Divine by Claire • Artfull Creationss  Anne Helinska Face Painting

Snowflake Sentiments • Woofing Pawsome • Nandini Arjun Kitchen • Viki Stitches

Daisy Elle Photography • Tammy Woodrow, Artist • Created in Coventry

Fantom • Our Craft Nook • Canvas Capes • Just Like Ivy

The “Lazy Sunday Club” will happen every week with different themes, including fancy dress, Dj’s and music playlists. The next event will be on Sunday 9th offering a swinging sixties theme. Events start at 12:00pm. 

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