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In the heart of the West Midlands art scene lies the Grasruts: The Expo, a vibrant celebration of grassroots talent. The LTB Showroom in Coventry Showcased the works of emerging artists, at the the Black and White Gallery. It offered a glimpse into the diverse creative landscape of the region. From zines to events, Grasruts fosters a community where artists can thrive, connect and embody the spirit of artistic collaboration.

At the Grasruts Expo, visitors are treated to a curated selection of artworks from the pages of the eponymous zine. This monthly publication, which is ran on donations, is available digitally and in print. This serves as a platform for emerging talents in the West Midlands. Grasruts Zine by art graduates Victoria Duffield-Harding and Evelynn Wenman help champion inclusivity and accessibility in the Arts world.

Grasruts Zine offers West Midlands artists a platform to meet and grow. Their mission is to bring art news and gossip from the West Midlands area. Reports and reviews on exhibitions and provide artists space to share work. The exhibition features works by an array of diverse talent including;

  • Victoria Duffield-Harding
  • Evelynn Wenman
  • Toni Peach
  • @Scotford_wilds
  • Jessica Timmis
  • Catherine Jones
  • IJE
  • Tom Godwin.

“I loved some of the pieces, especially those by IJE, Tom Godwin and the @scotford_wilds, but I felt a bit lost when looking at other pieces that needed more explanation.”

However, the expo’s ambience felt subdued compared to the buzz surrounding a concurrent exhibition at the Herbert. Attendees lamented the lack of interaction between organizers and visitors, which detracted from the overall experience. Additionally, the absence of proper labelling for the artworks left many feeling disconnected from the pieces on display.

Despite these shortcomings, it endeavours to bridge the gap by sharing online content and facilitating events with featured artists. While commendable, accessibility remains an issue, with exclusive content primarily shared within closed circles rather than reaching a wider audience. Nevertheless, the Grasruts Expo offers a compelling glimpse into the thriving grassroots art scene of the West Midlands.

Grasruts: The Expo Final Thoughts

The Grasruts Expo shines a spotlight on emerging talent in the West Midlands, yet struggles with accessibility and engagement. Despite these challenges, it remains a vital platform for artists to showcase their work and connect with audiences.

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Discover more about Grasruts by visit the offical Grasruts website, follow and like on thier social media.

Check out what else is happening at the LTB Showrooms.

Review Score

While the Grasruts Expo offered a promising glimpse into the vibrant art scene, there are areas for improvement. In particularly in fostering a more inclusive and interactive experience for visitors. Its dedication to showcasing emerging talent and fostering community, has the potential to make significant contributions to the cultural landscape. Addressing issues of accessibility and engagement will be key to maximizing its impact and ensuring that all artistic voices are heard.

3.0 rating

Photographs by Emily Tyler | © 2023 Coventry Life.


  • Emily Tyler

    Having studied at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance for my BA (Hons) in Stage Management, I worked within the theatres in London until I moved to Coventry in 2010 and found that I needed other creative outlets. Using Photography I explored my new city and discovered a love of architecture, which led me to start playing with editing software on my iPad, and the use of the Apple Pencil meant that I started creating digital artwork. I joined a local blogging group, to meet new people and rediscover my love of writing which had been lost over the years. I enjoyed reviewing local restaurants, bars, as well as one-off events like coffee festivals and music.

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