CoventryLife is a community hub for creatives to reach the masses. Covering the events for the UK City of Culture, and sharing the events and more with the world.

The team behind it are committed to showing the whole of Coventry’s culture, not just what the bigwigs feel is right to project. We want to highlight the people who either are not considered influential enough to gain funding or didn’t feel there was an appropriate project to present. It’s about highlighting people’s talents, not crowbarring them into a political agenda, simply showcasing the artists as they are and how their work is created.  

Our lead on this project is an artist and blogger who has been reporting on culture for the last few years and found that what is being portrayed as Coventry culture is a very small drop within the wider picture. Between the multicultural population, strong LGBTQ+, youth and general community, there is such a diverse and rich cultural patchwork, that everyone deserves a platform within the city to share their talents.

This project is about how to enable people to create quality web content to show the world what an exciting place Coventry is. This has become even more key with the current situation with the world pandemic.