Pool Meadow bus station has occupied the site below the cathedral since 1931. The current building was completed 1994. Housing a row of shops and cafes, ticket office and public toilets. The building itself wasn’t the most inspiring, but now visitors are treated to a 90 metre mural by Artist Żoe Power.

Pool meadow entrance
Street entrance to Pool Meadow

A Bristol based mural artist, I caught up with Zoe while she was in Coventry with her painting crew in March, painting the biggest piece of her career to date. Taking 4 painters several weeks to create, this was a massive undertaking for the team. Zoe told me that she had originally only applied to paint benches within the project but the team behind the project saw that her work was perfect for the building. This goes show that even if you think a big project is beyond you, it’s worth applying, as it’s all about the ideas!

With the theme of Key Workers, the mural depicts the people who keep Coventry moving. Bus drivers, builders, doctors, bin men and nhs workers, are among a few of the professions highlighted in this colourful piece. The colours were inspired by the existing metal work and her regular colour palette. It is amazing to see how it falls in line with some on the other art works being created in public spaces around the city.

With new hand painted signage going up within the spaces new benches, and greenery added plus new bike racks, the space is having a £1.5million spent on it to make it a more appealing space for the visitors of the city. They are also planning to tidy up the exterior, and this has begun with a mural by another artist, Angry Dan. And bike racks based on bus routes by local artist Julia Snowdin.


Angry Dan, A Cycle Mural.
New mural created by Angry Dan on the side of Pool Meadow buss station as a part of the…

Pool meadow
Artist impression of the makeover of the interior of Pool Meadows.

As the progress continues on the mural, we will be revisiting Pool Meadow bus station to keep you updated on the progress via our social media. Keep an out as the work continues.

Photo Credits: Emily Tyler (unless otherwise stated).


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