To be the one stop place for cultural news, events and reviews. To create and narrate the real culture of Coventry within the City of culture and beyond.  To Engage the citizens of the city as well as visitors to show them the real culture of Coventry. Enable those not encouraged through the official channels to be part of the FRINGE.

We plan to highlight the A-Z of Coventry Creatives, far more than the official channels will be covering. We plan to use as many freelance contributors from within the city and spread the positivity nationally and internationally. We will have content that will attract people to our great city, and enable visitors to have a more exciting visit too.

We plan to have a one stop online shop to give Coventry’s Creatives a chance to sell their products as well as the opportunity for visitors to buy merchandise made within the city.

There of course are major challenges within the current climate, and we hope that our video content will help share the atmosphere and sparkle to those that can’t come to the event, and see an inside view to the festivities.

Our team has all been affected by redundancy related to COVID, and we hope that we can support people back into the workforce through improving their portfolios and the confidence that creativity brings. We aim to help boost the local economy and share the positive benefits of the UK city of Culture.