The Events

Coventry City is the third city to receive the status of UK City of Culture. Every four years, cities compete to be awarded the prestigious title. The first City given the title was Derry/Londonderry in 2013 followed by Hull in 2017.

The title of UK City of Culture brings with it a huge amount of opportunity and puts the city on the world stage. Here at Coventry Life, we want to celebrate this opportunity and bring our views and experience to this year’s events.

Coventry’s celebrations and events for the UK’s City of Culture begins in May 2021 and will run to May 2022. Coventry Life will be in attendance throughout the year; reviewing, showcasing, interviewing whilst taking a view from Coventry’s own creatives.

View our events list and keep up to date on all events for Coventry’s UK City of Culture:

Like There’s No Tomorrow

Date: May – June 2021

Sound Systems

Date: Summer – 2nd October 2021

Community Radio Takeover

Date: Summer 2021

Coventry Moves

Date: 5th June 2021

Can You Hear Me, Now?

Date: 5th June – 20th June 2021

UK Asian film Festival

Date: 10th June – 26th June 2021

Coventry Welcome 2021

Date: 14th June – 20th June 2021

The Show Window

Date: June 2021

The International Booker Prize

Date: June 2021

The Tides Within Us

Date: June – July 2021

The Walk

Date: June 2021

Creative Europe – School of Participation

Date: Workshops 18th – 25th July 2021, Public Event 24th July

The Allesley Silas

Date: 28 July – 1 August 2021

Small Bells Ring

Date: July 2021

Terry Hall Presents Home Sessions

Date: July 2021


Date: July – August 2021


Date: July – August 2021

CVX Festival

Date: August 12th – 15th 2021

In Paint We Trust

Date: August 2021

BBC Contains Strong Language

Date: September 23rd – 26th 2021

Turner Prize

Date: September 29th 2021 – January 12th 2022

Faith @ The Royal Shakespeare Company

Date: September 2021

Theatre of Wandering

Date: September 2021

Rivers of the World

Date: September 2021 – January 2022

Coventry Biennial 2021

Date: October 2021 – January 2022

Seaview @ The Belgrade Theatre

Date: November 2021

Random Strings: The Canal Networked

Date: November 2021

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